Personalization for small businesses

QuickBooks -  Personalization and growth lead for the
First Impressions team 


Led the personalized and responsive navigation for Quickbooks which provided 2% point increase in conversion.
Led the strategic and emotional design for zero states which resulted in an overall 20% lift in task completion, for U.S., Canada, France and Australia.
Led the In-Product Discovery strategy and design. Includes tips widget on dashboard and do more tab for hundreds of smart recommendations based on businesses industry. Contributed to the 20% lift in attach for payments and payroll, for U.S., Canada, France and


UX Lead for personalization and growth team. Oversaw ten Scrum teams. Managed and coached designers and illustrators. Partnered across the entire ecosystem and with all cross-functional teams, engineering, marketing, product management and content design.

Personalized Navigation

Set up experience configures a right for me navigation experience
for six types of businesses.

Do More

Led the "Do More" tab for smart recommendations to help their business's grow. Aimed to provide
educational content during the right time and stage of their business.


User Interviews, Follow Me Homes, Synthesize Research, Sketching, Interaction Design, User Testing, prototyping, Iterate prototypes, Design implementation, Visual QA, Illustration Creative Direction.

Competative Analysis 

Researching and sketching sprint


Led strategic direction for invoicing onboarding experiences, and getting
set up for payments for web and mobile.

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