Canon/Project Imagination

Inspire a Hollywood film

For creative users who want to create inspiring footage out of everyday moments of their life.


Users keep thousands of videos and images on their phone and cameras and yet don't do anything with the content. How might Canon create a product that helps to edit their own content effortlessly and make it more inspiring?


Canon wants users to create their own trailer in the most effortless way possible whether it's a novice user or an expert users Canon has tools for every user's needs. The winning Trailer will be chosen by Ron Howard to inspire a Hollywood film.


UX Lead for Customer-facing product, and CMS for client-facing users, Client Liason, 12 Person Creative Design Team

Smart editing

Where we do the work for you. Using AI technology to create beautifully edited videos with
sound, titles and credits, users have the opportunity to edit and refine after.

Pro-web editor

For users who want more control over their editing. Users were able to add thousands
of Canon customized styling, sounds effects and typographical treatments.

Tips and Tricks

Provides users with industry experts and influencers to inspire and give
advice for novice and expert filmmakers.

Universal Timeline

The timeline shares real-time status of The Trailer’s contest.

Suggest Tool

Recommends other trailers within the same genre or theme that users might
enjoy from the gallery.

Filter and Sort

In the gallery, users can filter by genres and themes and sort by time
and  most popular.


Thousands of trailers were submitted with a 53% completion rate and
created  2.64 million social impressions.


Ron Howard introduces what The Trailer entails and discusses the creative process.

Past Winners

Highlights the past winners from previous Project Imaginations 

Design Process

User Interviews, Synthesize Research, Concept Development, Sketching, User flows Interaction Design,
User Testing, Prototyping, Iterate prototypes, Design implementation, Visual QA.

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