Living Proof

Miracle molecules

Get a good hair day, every day.


For men and women who need to transform their haircare at the molecular level, Living Proof’s e-commerce experience helps you find the right product for your hair type. The site also helps users to understand the science and technology behind their products. Unlike other brands, Living proof uses advanced MIT-proprietary science.


Lead UX and Visual Designer, Concept Direction, Art Direction, Strategy, Interaction Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Testing


Tripled revenue and improved gross margin by 1000 basis points in under three years. Realized first-time profitability since go-to-market.

Facilitated Jennifer Aniston as brand's co-owner of the company which doubled brand awareness and achieved 200% incremental revenue within first 12 months.


Women cycle through many types of hair products because they build up a
tolerance to the silicones and oils.


How might we create a personalized hair care experience for men and women?

Hair diagnostic quiz

User can take a personalized quiz to find out what are the best types of Living Proof products for their hair.

Good Hair Day Campaign

Every woman deserves a good hair day every day. A documentary with
Jennifer Aniston about the emotional benefits of a good hair day.

My role
Senior Art Director
Mario Sorrenti
Hair Stylist

Brand Book

My role
Senior Art Director
Guy Aroch
Hair Stylist

Miracle Molecules

Branding and Visual Identity for MIT molecules.

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